An Ugly Joke Named Michaela Colorado


Michaela Holbeck, this individual is the biggest Joke I have ever encountered in my life. She used to work with my husband back in 2017. The first time I ever heard her name was the day she followed my husband home because she was incapable of finding a bar called Cruisers that everyone from night crew were going to one morning. I asked my husband who was sitting out in front of our house was and he told me, “Oh that’s some dumb girl he works with that can’t seem to figure out how to drive down 10th and take a right at the KFC.” He also told me not to worry about it, she is married with four kids and not what he would call attractive. Besides she was half his age and who the hell wants that baggage. She quit shortly after but before she left she made a point to give my husband her number. My husband didn’t know and really didn’t give it any thought. Wasn’t like they were really friends or anything. Her number laid on his desk for months untouched as he had no interest in contacting her. Months later the Joke hits him up on Facebook out of the blue. My husband being tech challenged didn’t know how to use Messenger so he made the mistake of calling her just to see how she was doing. The day this occurred also happened to be his birthday in July. She asks if the guys from work were taking him out to Cruisers and when she found out they were, she invited herself along. My husband wasn’t there long as we had other plans. He said about half a dozen people from work showed. A month goes by and this Joke starts texting him on a regular basis always asking if he was going to the bar. My husband didn’t think anything of it. He thought she was just a bored housewife looking to get out of the house. My husband would hang out there with his friend a couple of times a month after work which was first thing in the morning. They would always go on a Tuesday or Thursday due to his friend’s schedule. She must have known this because Tuesday and Thursdays are the only days she would hit him up. After telling her no a few times, she just shows up at the bar. My husband and his friend found this weird since she showed up acting like a giddy school girl. She must have thought that my husband had seen what she had been emailing him. According to my husband and his friend she would show up, have a drink, consistently complain about her husband. She was always complaining that he was a drunk, a loser, how he was overbearing always wanting to know where she was and who she was with. I’m guessing he had trust issues in regards to her and with good reason. She would repeatedly tell my husband and his friend how she wants to divorce him, and how their marriage was miserable. This coming from a person who gets her kids off to school and her husband off to work so she can sit in a bar drinking first thing in the morning bad mouthing the man who is supporting her lazy a55. Like I said, she is a total Joke and if you ask me, her husband was not the loser, but she definitely is! My husband’s response to her complaints about her husband was to talk to him and work things out especially since they had four kids. He also told her on several occasions that he was glad he was happily married and that he loved me. Football season begins as does Fantasy Football. Like I said, my husband is a bit tech challenged so he didn’t utilize email other than for Fantasy Football. He didn’t see the point of having email so he used an account that I had. My husband goes to check his Fantasy Football and he sees multiple emails from the Joke. He opens one and says, “What the f*ck is this sh*t?” He shows me the email. She had been sending him pics of herself since the beginning of August, two weeks after his birthday. He tells me that she had hit him up on Facebook, so he called her and she invited herself to his birthday gathering. I asked what the hell happened on his birthday that would give her the idea that this was o.k. He said nothing happened. He hung out with people from work, had a couple of beers, and played pool. The only conversation he had with her was about her family and whether or not she found a job. I asked him to deal with it or I would. He assured me that he would. Why did she email them instead of texting them to him you might ask. Well my husband had an old flip phone. Not exactly the best format for pictures. The next time that he saw her, he told her to stop because he loved his wife. Apparently something that he had told her several times. I guess some people are just too stupid to get the hint. He said she just walked away without saying anything. She must of started freaking out since he rejected her and starts texting him out of her regular pattern wanting to go to the bar on days she knew his friend wouldn’t be there. He tells her no and she gives up for a couple of weeks. My husband thinks that that is the end of it and she has finally got the message. Nope. She shows up at his work with one of her kids making some lame excuse that she was in town for an appointment. Really? First of all, the Joke lived 15 to 20 minutes outside of the east side of town and my husband worked at the west end of town, another 15 to 20 minutes. I believe the Joke was testing the waters to see if he would speak to her. Secondly, what kind of mother involves her child in the pursuit of a married man? I guess she won’t be getting Mother of the Year anytime soon. This was October 10th. My husband thinking that she has gotten the message speaks to her and decides to just let it go. Huge mistake on his part. He just opened the door and let the snake back in. Something he later realizes. Well she goes back to texting him on Tuesdays and Thursday asking to go to the bar. She must have taken him talking to her again as a sign of hope that she had a chance. If she only knew what my husband and his buddy really thought about her she would have never pursued this delusion she had created in her head. October 25th, I check email and what do I see? Yet another email from the Joke. This time she sent nude pics of herself. Poorly edited just like the one she sent before. Just a side note, why the hell do people edit pics to the point that it is obvious? Smears here, smears there and filters galore. Do you really think people don’t know what you really look like? I’m guessing the reason this Joke edits her pics is because she doesn’t have a lot of confidence in how she looks and with good reason. Like my husband said, she is not what you would call attractive. Well, I lost it. What part of a man telling her that he loves his wife doesn’t this Joke understand? I tell my husband what she had sent and the look that came over his face was like what the f*ck. I ask him to respond in a way that the Joke will understand. He asked me to scroll down the page because he didn’t care to see the crap show she sent and he responds bluntly and to the point. He then tells me that she had been hanging out with him and his buddy at the bar again. He tells me he thought she was just being stupid before but had got the hint when he confronted her. The last time he saw her at the bar she had to leave because the school called and she had to go pick up a sick kid. He said he mostly ignored her anytime she would show up because he was getting seriously tired of all the complaining she did about her husband. I went off on him. I couldn’t believe he allowed himself to associate with someone that obviously had no respect for our marriage. He said he just didn’t take her seriously and he knew nothing was ever going to happen. He is not that guy. Later, my husband leaves his phone at home when he went to work because the next day is Thursday and he knows that this joke is going to try and hit him up with some excuse and he doesn’t want to deal with it. I am still completely ticked off and I know she isn’t going to stop unless I put a stop to it. I text the Joke one word, “Hey” from my husband’s phone. I want to see how she responds. In less the one minute she does. She texts, “I’m sorry. I know what you are going to say. I can’t talk right now.” If I had been smart or should I say calm, I would have played it out and let her make a fool out of herself. Wait…she already did that by going after a married man old enough to be her father that wasn’t interested in her. Well, I go off and call the Joke. She doesn’t answer. I call again, this time she answers. Imagine her surprise when she finds out it’s me on the other end of the phone and not my husband. I went off on her. I think I must of called her every filthy name in the book. After I hang up she texts this long text claiming that someone hacked her email and how mortified she was that someone other than her husband saw her photos. Of course she didn’t know how much I knew about what had been going on. Again, she just made a fool of herself. I went to my husband’s work and show him the text she sent and he confirms that she is a lying b*tch. He calls her and tells her to never contact him again. A month or so goes by and my husband gets this weird message again on Facebook. Someone using a fake name claiming to be one of his friends but they spelled his friend’s name wrong. They are asking him if he is in the neighborhood. We believe that it was her trying to check on our relationship. My husband goes off. He is fed up with dealing with this delusional idiot. He emails her and tells her what a piece of crap she is. In the response she sent she can’t seem to understand what the difference is between him looking at her pictures and him looking at porn other than he knows her. Really??? The stupidity of this Joke is astounding. The intent for which they were sent would be the difference. Then she says that she would have never slept with him. Then why was she sending him pictures if that wasn’t her end game? Especially nude pictures of herself. Is that something she sends to all her friends? She also tells him that yes she knows that he loves his wife because he told her she doesn’t know how many times. Again, the stupidity is astounding. Correct me if I’m wrong but if a man tells you he loves his wife, doesn’t that pretty much say that he isn’t interested? A man who is interested isn’t going to mention his wife let alone tell you that he loves her. I sent the last email and I told her that it was me sending it. I pointed out each one of her lies as well as my thoughts on her lack of character. She never responded. Imagine that. Easy to talk trash to the husband but when the wife gets involved she scampers away like a coward. I am that the type of person that tries to give people the benefit of the doubt. But this type of behavior is something I have never been able to understand nor do I want to. Once my husband’s friends learned of what this Joke had pulled, they were floored. They just couldn’t grasp why she would ever think that my husband wanted anything to do with her. They never saw any indication of any kind that would lead anyone to think this. One of his friends said that the thought of my husband pursuing her was ludicrous. Another described her as gross white trailer trash. I’m a true believer of what you put out in the world is what you get back. It may not come back to you in the same form but it does come back. Maybe you lose your job, maybe you get evicted from your home, or maybe you even get hit with a lawsuit. One thing is for sure…people who pull this kind of crap will definitely end up seeing the destruction of their own relationships. And they deserve every bit of misery for which they endure.>

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