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American Service Station I dropped my vehicle off and walked across the street. My valuables were stolen during my absence. Marietta Georgia!!. On the afternoon of April 7, 2015, I dropped off my truck to have an oil change and walked across the street to get a manicure. When I returned and got into my car, I noticed that the Glock Gun model 36 was missing from the center console of my vehicle. I immediately requested to speak to the GM, David, who came out to assist. I showed him where the gun had been previously located. I was a bit concerned when David didnu2019t seem alarmed or show much empathy for my missing gun. He said he would check the video the next day and call me. He indicated that video cameras would identify any theft. I was surprised that David didnu2019t interview or question the mechanic and the customer service person. Furthermore, David made no attempt to search or check around the shop either. He was leaving to go home and didn’t seem very concerned. He did commit to call me the next morning, which he failed to do. In discussing this with my husband, Cliff, since we never heard from David, he called the Marietta Police Department and had them come down to the station to take a report. The Policeman interviewed the GM but it was my word against his. David stated no theft was identified in the service bay when reviewing the video footage. However, I am certain that the gun was taken while parked on your premises, outside of the service bay, where there were no cameras. When I got out of the truck, I locked my car and handed the keys to David but unfortunately never saw my property again. In closing, I am amazed in the total lack of professionalism or communication from the GM. I have registered several complaints on social media and contacted the Better Business Bureau. I want to warn other consumers, do not use this service. If you do, I believe you will be sorry.

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