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American Auto Repair Coverage Poor communication, always unavailable, no “starter” package received St. Charles Missouri!!. This company solicits by phone, and that is how I was contacted. I was offered an extended warranty from AARC on February 5th, which I opted for. I then made a down payment and was told I would received a package containing the agreement/details of my plan. I should expect the package “to arrive shortly.” Today is February 23rd, and shortly has come and gone, but the package has not arrived. Attempting to contact AARC is a joke, as you will NEVER reach a human being. Even when using a “direct number” to a representative. It appears that all of the numbers listed on their site, as well as those left by reps, are forwarded to the same line. Calling any number leads to the same option menu. Regardless of what option you choose, you will eventually hear music, then told you are currently the first customer in line, and then asked to leave a message as all reps are “busy.” After several calls (to every number I can find), I have been in touch only once with a rep (another did leave a message). The representative I spoke with (Feb 16) informed me that the package had been sent out on the 9th, and I should receive it at any time. I “assumed” this meant any “reasonable” time, but I could have been wrong. I cannot comment on the legitimacy of their coverage, as I have not had the “pleasure” of holding warranty papers in my hands. Judging by the experience thus far (100% speculation), I would not trust them to cover anything.

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