Amber Nichole Wright – Salem, Virginia Virginia


This woman Amber Nichole Wright, put her husband and father of her 2 year old daughter out of their home that he payed bills for by threatening to falsify a restraining order, so she could move her boyfriend Joshua Fulcher in the same week. All the while taunting and flaunting the extra marital affair in her husbands face. She then acted as if she wanted to reconcile with her husband spending time with him in the hopes that he would get his family back. He was spending money on taking her, taking her shopping, taking her to The Fair, and to expensive dinners. All this only to later say, when asked why she faked wanting to reconcile, “I’m a good manipulator.” She also in addition to the affair with Fulcher slept with Tim Harris in exchange for methamphetamine. Harris was formerly considered one of her husbands closest friends, she repeatedly tells her husband that she hasn’t done anything wrong and that he wasn’t giving her what she needed so she had to get it somewhere else. She has caused her husband severe separation anxiety from being takin away from his daughter. She says her daughter is too young to know what’s going on an that this wont have any long term affects on her. She thinks only of herself and no one else, she blames her husband for her having an affair when all he did was pay bills, be a loving father and husband, and try to get Amber to stop using drugs.

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