Airport Car Rental Inc.


Airport Car Rental Theives, Removed $300.00 deposit from my bank after return of car. San Diego California!!. On Thursday, July 16, 2018 I needed a quick car rental to go out of town for my mothers funeral, I rented a very well used car for $17.99 plus tax & insurance for a total of $30.00 per day. I returned this car two days later on Saterday July 18, 2015. My Visa was charged $60.00. Then the next day, Sunday July 19, 2018 they removed $300.00 for a deposit, a day after I returned the car in better condition than it was when I rented it ! When I called them they just hung up on me ! I called San Diego Police Dept and they called and were hung up on also ! After several calls they said it would be returned in three days, well on August, 4. 2015, 17 days later, they returned $262.00 of my deposit. It’s now 24 days later and they still owe me $38.00. These Theives should be avoided at all costs ! ! ! The theif that I delt with on both visits was a ******* named JOE.

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