AIRBNB Tucson Arizona Review


The owner of this illegal AIRBNB is causing our HOA to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees trying to stop her. Our HOA specifically restricts renting your guest house, even to neighbors. Daily renting is prohibited. You c an rent your house but it has to be a t lease a 6 month lease and the HOA board has to have their names and personal info. Ms. Spears excuse it is a “luxury pool house”” she calls it on her airbnb website home page. Fact is that it is a guest house. Her other excuse is the money she gets from it is not a rental fee. SERIOUSLY!! Complaints to AIRBNB DO NOT WORK!! This horrible individual has refused to stop for almost a year now causing stress and anger in our beautiful neighborhood which she uses AS A SELLING POINT. Next thing she does is drag in a huge seaworthy commercial shipping container that you commonly see on railroad cars and makes that into a livable space. Also PROHIBITED IN OUR CC&rS! Please do not rent this guest house. I’d imagine most AIRBNB owners are trustworthy individuals however this one is not after this experience I will NEVER USE AIRBNB! Besides that she rents it so cheap

it is cheaper than miracle mile where prostitutes and drug pushers hang. We don’t know who is spending the night next to us

could be a child molester as owners do not do a background check. Trailer trash lady has moved in and lied repeatedly to our board members.”

9741 E Vista Montanas Tucson, Arizona USA

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