Air France Complaint


Air France has totally screwed my daughter’s trip to Europe!! This trip was supposed to be a spectacular, memorable college graduation present, but it has turned into a nightmare, thanks to Air France (Air [censored], I’d say …). Air France lost my daughter’s luggage, going from London to Paris. She has now been without luggage for 9 days, half of her entire trip. Every time we (my daughter, assistant tour director, etc.) inquire about the luggage with Air France, there’s always a different answer: It’ll be there tomorrow, it’ll be there within 48 hrs., it’ll be there by 10PM tonight, etc, etc. Total BS!!! My daughter even gave Air France the hotel of her next destination 2 days in advance and have the person on the phone reiterate the address of the hotel. They ensured her the luggage will be there by the time she arrived at the hotel. You know what!? No luggage!! She’s tried to shake this incident off and tried to have a good time with her traveling group as much as she could, but that has proven difficult from time to time. I am soooo pissed off at Air France for ruining my daughter’s trip. I will never fly Air France and make sure to post this complaint everywhere online so that everyone will know what kind of piece of [censored] Air France is.

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