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Complaint: hi,I’m eranchisee @ afc,u know that mean sushi chef. I been work for long times,no health insurance,no vacation,no day off,7 day aweek 6 am to 7 pm.What I get for me owed the tax for IRS.If u are retail u must get the cheaper price than outside,what we get from afc is higher price with bad quality.If u ask for price list,they said no,only u knew at the end of the month when u close ur monthly sale.You have to pay for shipping charges too.The most problem is regional manager,they came to ur store and use all of their power,do that,u don’t do this,u going lose the store u violate the afc rule,give u all preesure they can screw u.I think their job is come to store and solve the problem between u and store,give the advice make the corrections,don’t let make the big problem.They don’t do the way support to be,they said if not afc give them pressure to them,yes who should we believe? they afraid one,if u r white they don’t give u any problem,I think afc is descraminate againt like us minority.We are like the sleeve,no human,do what they like or u be out.AFC must be audit by the government,not only finance,the whole policy.They not creat the job in US,they ship out all the job to back to Japan.For example u can buy 4 or 2 oz cup in here made in USA,but AFC inport from Japan,why?I’m not good at english but I try u to understand what I want to tell.I can’t say my really name and location because I’m afraid to get kickoff,I know every feanchisee want to open and talk,but they all like me.We are living in hell and working for all AFC employee in office,pls come and work like us how we feel for u guys.The main points is treat us like ur customer,don’t treat like ur sleeve.We all human same as u guys.Pls don’t give us a lot of training cost us 500.00 a day.PLS someone from government must looking into AFC and must to stop abusing us.

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Address: 19205 s.laurel park rancho dominguez, California United States of America


Phone: 3106043200

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