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The theft continues… Products were ordered from this company on 4/29/10. I received an email on 5/2/10 to notify me of shipping and order #. By 5/10/10 – there were no products, and no answer on the company’s phone. I continued to call, no answer, I sent 2 emails (5/10/10 and 5/13/10), no response. It is now 5/18/10 – and have still had no contact from the company nor received the product in the mail! I filed a complaint with BBB, Ripoff Scams, and my bank. My bank refunded my money, and will deal with the company. What a pain in the butt. Don’t do business with this so called “company.”” They are only interested in your money. You will never see a product in the mail! Complete scam!”

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