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I bought 2 orderds of boxing dvds and it was shipped out. I received a tracking number and when USPS tracking information indicated it was delivered I checked my PO box and it was not delivered. Immediately talk to the mail Clerk and they looked could not find it I called the seller I called the seller told him what happened and that I was going to open up a claim and he told me to wait for a couple of days to open up a claim with my bank. I waited for a couple of days and the mail clerk told me that I could not file a claim on the missing package that the seller would have to open up a claim for the missing package through USPS. The seller said that he was not going to file a claim. I waited and the package never arrived I proceeded with my claim through my bank and I was issued a refund and then the seller contacted me a week later after we spoke. I’m form the seller that I did not receive the package and then the seller began to communicate with me in a tone that was very emotional and annoyed but the fact that I filed the claim and was telling me that it was not their responsibility because it was delivered and I was just telling him that the mail clerk was told me that it is the seller’s responsibility if there is to be a claim made through USPS. The seller continue saying that it was not their responsibility and told me that I will be banned from the website because I’m a bad customer and I’m a bad customer because I I got my money back through my bank and then I could have just communicated with them instead of filing a claim through my bank. Also told me that what they could have done was send out another package and give me the second package half off.And that is why I’m filing a complaint for a scamming potential. The fact that the cell there repeatedly refuse to file a claim through USPS to find out what happened to the package and deny responsibility and the ability to file that claim. On top of that told me they were sent out a second package so they were going to keep my money with the first package and not find out what happened with that package but instead send me out another package which I would have to pay half off that’s where I thought the scam was I felt the scam was not finding out what happened to that package and and then running to send out a second package that I would have to pay for on top of the first packets already paid for but I would have to pay half off. And then telling me that I’m a bad customer because I file a claim through my bank I have every right to do that and I felt that that was not professional advice to be saying.

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