Ace Towing Enterprise Inc


I was in a serious not at fault accident, so of course my car got towed. After I got out of hospital I had to go to the tow yard first thing to get my keys. I asked them for my keys, they said I would have to pay the $90 towing fee if I wanted my keys! I said what?? I’m not asking to get my belongings, I just need my keys, I was just discharged from the hospital and my young daughter and I can’t get in my house or use my other car, they still refused!?! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. They ate truly a bunch of heartless sob’s! So my friend told him she would pay. He said, "how about this, you pay the $90 and you can grab all your stuff and you can sign your title over to me and we will call it even." What?? Does he think I’m stupid? I said yea on, just so he wouldn’t stop me from getting my belongings. Two days later I went back with a friend who has his own towing business, so he was going to tow my car to his yard to save my storage fees. I told the lady I needed to know what I owed cause I was taking my car. She said "your supposed to give us an hour notice if you have another tow company come tow your car". I was not very nice, by that point I’m pretty sure I called her every bad word I could think of. I told her I was not going to wait for an hour and asked her where is it posted in the store so I could see it, or did I miss it. She said its not posted anywhere in the store, so I asked her then how am I supposed to know that (but not that nice), so I told her we are not waiting for an hour. So she said she would make an exception this time?? Seriously?? I’m sorry but there is no way she has any friends at all. So she proceeded to tell me I owed $80 @$20 a day for storage and then $75 for filing fee!! What??! Is that legal for them to charge a filing fee? I told her to show me the papers that states you are allowed to charge the filling fee. I went ahead and paid it so I could just get out of there after I told them they were a bunch of criminals and scammers.

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