Acaiblast4free Swansea South Carolina Review


I initially signed up for a free trial with ACAIBLAST for a free trial. I received it and was charged before the trial period was complete. Numerous attempts to cancel the account did no good and they continued to charge my account. after the initial shipment. I have not received any product, and now have approximately $180 last and my account. They go by several different names such as home health store, clarify health, and other names. I has spoken to approximately 6 people who have said they would the money’s lost. However, this has not happened. and they continued to charge my account until I finally had to, cancel my credit card.I have made attempts through PayPal to contact them also to no avail.This is a really bad company to deal with and if you should get started with the help I would suggest you immediately counsel your credit card. Or you’re going to be in the same shape that I am. Pay pal, has now close the dispute. And I’m out the cash.Initially, I found out about this through operated by Steve Andrews, out off FitzRoy, Australia. The only way to context, he is by e-mail, and he does not return your messages. This is another site that I would be careful about ordering from.I have approximately 20 pages of information where I have contacted them. Anyone interested in more information, feel free to contact me. I can give you names and dates.this product comes out of China, so anything you have to send back, you have to say that there.They will not call, they will do the runaround, and they will not ship the product. Do not do not do not do any business with this company and be careful of any free trial offers We sure to read all of the fine print.

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