Aaron M. Kirk / Prestige Coach, LLC Indianapolis Indiana Review


Our church has several members that attend a bible college here in Indiana. In May they chartered a bus with Prestige Coach from Ohio and when it finally showed up it was not even the right size bus and we had people sitting in each others laps and called but they never made it right.Our choir director that i will leave nameless tried to call and get another bus because their bus was broken down. It broke down on tour several times and the driver worked on the bus about as much as he drove it. Their solution was to go to buy a couple of lawn chairs and deal with it. We were late for our first concert and they didn’t care.Several attempts were made to reach Aaron Kirk, owner of Prestige Coach without a return call. This company is unprofessional and should not be used.

190 Finecastle Rd winchester, Ohio United States of America



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