AAMCO (VARIOUS LOCATIONS) virginia beach va.


Complaint: The transmission in my 1994 Plymouth Voyager failed on a trip from Viginia Beach to Roanoke, Va. in April 1999. My wife and four year old daughter were left stranded on the highway late at night. It was repaired by AAMCO transmissions in Lynchburg at a cost of almost $2,000! Two round trips to Lynchburg were required to retrieve the car. In June 2001 the transmission began to downshift without warning and finally stuck in low gear. AAMCO in Virginia Beach replaced the speed sensor for over $450 and declared the transmission fixed. Three weeks later on a weekend trip to Philadelphia the transmission completely failed leaving me stranded on interstate 495 in Delaware on a Friday evening. AAMCO in New Castle, Delaware repaired it at a cost of over $2,400! Two round trips were required to retrieve the car. I was informed that I could purchase an extended warranty at anytime during the next twelve months. I attempted to purchase the extended warranty the following Spring but I was told that the twelve month option period had been reduced to six months and I could not now purchase an extended warranty. You guessed it…in July the transmission began to dowshift without warning. I took it to a different AAMCO location in Virginia Beach where the transmission was declared sound. It worked well until last week when it completely failed. This AAMCO shop wants 2,031.00 to repair the transmission! Tim Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Address: 201312 WEST BASIN RD NEW CASTLE, Delaware, Virginia U.S.A.


Phone: 302-322-3454

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