Aamco Transmissions dba Dynamic Transmissions, Inc. West Chicago IL


Complaint: On 10/03/01 I took my 1993 Isuzu Rodeo to Aamco Transmissions in Wheaton, Illinois since my check transmission light was flashing and it would bog down on acceleration. Aamco-Wheaton informed me that they could do an electronic diagnostic on the Rodeo for $165.00. Well, that turned up nothing, as expected and for a total of $465.00 they will open up the transmission and take a look at it. As you guess, that turned up everything…according to them I needed my transmission rebuilt at the cost of $2,479.08. Well, they did it. I picked up my Rodeo on 10/12/01 and within a week experenced the same problem as when I originially took it in. I took it back 5 sepereate times and was told that it must be the gas that I was using. Apparently Mobil gas is not good enough, they suggested that I use Shell. Give me a break! Finally on 11/2/01, it did it again, the check trans light was flashing and I was able to make it to Aamco. Well, diferent story now. They had the Rodeo from 11/02/01 to 11/28/01. Since 10/03/01 when I orginially took it in, till 11/28/01 when I got it back they have had the Rodeo a total of 36 days! This time they claim it was the “force motor”” within the transmission. Well

Tags: Auto Repair Service

Address: within 5 hours of picking the Rodeo up

Website: although that is who Aamco-Wheaton kept calling for assistance. I am currently without a vehicle again. I am out $2

Phone: I am back to square one

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