Complaint: We are suing AAMCO! We need a copy of their warranty. The one they gave us at the time of repair is conveniently illegible and AAMCO International refuses to provide us with one that can be read. Any ideas on how to obtain a copy? In December of 2001, AAMCO replaced the transmission on my daughter in law’s 1990 Mercedes. In November 2002 the transmission began slipping so she returned to the shop that had done the work. They told her that they no longer had an AAMCO franchise and that she would have to call AAMCO International. After four phone calls, she was told that there was no franchise in Savannah, GA (where we live) but that they would pick the car up by flatbed tow and take it to St. Mary’s GA (about 100 miles south) for repair under the warranty. They picked up the car on December 16, 2002 and we haven’t seen it since. The St. Mary’s shop have claimed they couldn’t get a part, they got the wrong part, then they couldn’t find the right tool to adjust it, and finally that the tool was too expensive and they refused to purchase it. We called 1-4+ times a day for 10 weeks. We called the “home office”” for AAMCO in Philadelphia at least a dozen times. Each time

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Address: we were told that it would be checked on by a supervisor and they’d call back. They also promised to fax us a copy of the warranty. They did neither. Meanwhile

Website: they would have to fix it! (The barrel belt miraculously “”healed itself””

Phone: the garage in St. Mary’s decided the car needed a new water pump. We authorized that repair

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