A1 Auto Sales Hawaii Review


I have less than perfect credit and had just moved to Hawaii. I was sure I had to have a lot of money for a down payment at a regular car dealer so I was looking for in-house financing and the first one I found was A1 Auto. I was told about the AS IS policy and understood with an older car. But they did promise to do the tags and registration until I was finished purchasing the car. They have NOT held up that deal and when I went to fix some things on the car I was shown that the license plates do not match the registration and I have been getting ticket after ticket of having no registration and no tags, at $140/ticket I am literally going under.They should have to pay each and every ticket….did they sell me a stolen car?? | Why when I went there twice to get my safety did they tell me it was too busy and no one could do it? IT is FAR from my house and I didn’t have enough money for gas to keep going out there and days off that they were less busy…They should pay each ticket and get the correct plates for me. I can’t even drive the car at this point because of the extensive repairs it needs but that’s beside the point. I’m getting tickets for plates that do not match my car and tickets for the actual license plate they did not register and have not sent me those stickers or the right paperwork to get the stickers and they never got me my original safety tags like promised. I’m at my wits end and I’ve called many times. Today I found a charge for $9.74 and I never agreed to this charge let alone know what it is for!!!!! DO NOT BUY FROM HERE DO NOT BUY FROM HERE


Name: A1 Auto Sales Hawaii

Country: United States

State: Hawaii

City: Honolulu

Address: 4299 Lawehana Street

Phone: 808-429-3980

Website: www.a1autohawaii.com/

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