A team Appliance Repair Altamonte Springs Florida Review


he fixed my side by side refrigerator’s moder board which the part cost at the store $149.00 but he charge me $200.00 then the service charge fi you deciede not to fix it $169.00+ a $39.00 for something else. After giving me the stimate for how much was going to be, he said iit was going to be a 25 minutes job the total bill was $ 561.78, so now if I said no is too much I have to pay him $208. for just showing up. my complaing is getting overcharge for a 30 minutes job and the extra $50. 00 for the part $367.78 for 25 minutes of work I did call him and told him that I before I file a complain with you guys and Angi’s list which he is part of it. to make it right, and he said he will give me a couple of dollars back, but I said I ckecked that job is is a $300.00 Job so I asked foe $200.00 refund and he said NO WAY. so that’s it

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