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Be Fantastik


Saw a Facebook ad for a camera bag and spherical lens. Made an online purchase November 2017 and never received items. Received receipt and responses to my inquiring. Was told item would be shipped later that week and after a few weeks the website is down, facebook site now longer available, and the email address is not longer deliverable.

The Q – Live Game Network Review


They do not pay trivia winners and if you ask why you are not getting paid, you are ignored. If the slim chance you do get a reply by them, they will just say you are cheating somehow and that is why you are not getting your prize. Too many people have gotten this response for it to be factual; it is just a baseless response that does not go into detail why you are not getting paid.

Makemytrip AlexNdria Virginia Review


Booked a Business Class ticket online with for a trip within India. Got a phone call 5 minutes after attempting to book from an agent with the information that no more tickets were available, but he would be happy to help me to get an Economy class ticket. Then he informed me that the particular flight was almost full and the only ticket available was for US$ 520. I did call the...



I always go through my accounts with a fine tooth comb and found that my Paypal account had been hit with a $21.00 + charge from this so called business HAA Business Solutions. Never heard of them. I googled them and found info on them that included their address and phone number. I called the number and it flipped over to an unusual busy signal. Then I went to the address and the business was...

ProVacation Finder California Review


When using VRBO to look for accomodations beware of solicitations that come in from other companies with legitimate looking websites. THEY ARE FRAUDULENT!!! Pro Vacation Finder is a Fraud After multiple inquiries through VRBO we recieved this from ProVacation Finder: We have a special offer. The breakdown would be as follows: $900.00 (3 nights). $ 0.00 (Departure Cleaning Fee)... Review


I had purchased Tom Jones tickets for the Masonic in SF for September 26, 2017, which was postponed until May 29, 2018, 8 months later which is unreasonable! This postponement won’t work since it was a surprise for my mom, who is 86 and healthy now but don’t know about how her health will be in May 2018, and it is no longer a surprise. I can’t go in May 2018 since this is the...

Genesis Realty Solutions LLC Olathe Kansas Review


We began renting a property listed as a 5 bedroom/3.5 bath in South Olathe, KS from this agency in Oct 2016 for $1700/month (more than the advertised price we showed up for) and put a good sized amount of money down on a purchase option agreement. We were given so many assurances and were buttered up to the idea that this house was in great shape. The house did appear in decent shape, although I...

West plains trailer park moses lake Washington


Complaint: This place is a hell hole my kids were always sick from the leaking toliet,windows and roof . Gary has cheaked out and that cow he calls a wife is the most worthless person shes abusive and will threaten you any chance she gets . I went without heat several times during the winter they wouldnt fix it untill i threaten to get the city firemarshall involved , I even know one of my...

Cynthia Wilson with Milkyway Productions Review


My name is Andrew Broussard Jr. Aka Jru Starz. I am a singer songwriter, actor, and more. I have been in the entertainment business for a far amount of time, an the way I do my business with every one of my fans is always with a clear understanding and where it is far for the both of us. Make a long story short I have met some pretty grimy people but none like who I just recently had dealings... Champaign Illinois Review


I have bought from newegg many times in the past, but this order has been very negative. The power supply the sold me was defective and wrecked two hard drives. I returned the power supply and hard drives but they won’t replace them because they’re damaged. I explained that the power supply caused the damage, but they gave me the screw you and won’t do anything for me.A month...